Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Great British Sewing Bee---Pad-stitching!

Of course I can't find the link now, but one of the UK papers had an article about TGBSB in which it mentioned the contestants pad-stitching!  The photos for the article seemed to show David (he and Chinello are my favorites) inserting a sleeve into a blazer.  I'm beyond giddy that they are introducing real tailoring into the show.

I'll be doing some pad-stitching of my own.  In typical fashion I purchased a few different variations of this style of jacket:
off of ebay.  I used to love these late 60s pattern envelopes, with their "styling options."  My life has always felt border-line out of control.  But look how in control these ladies are!  I'm sure if I had a corduroy double-breasted, pea-coatish suit (worn with kitten heels and perfect hair) like Miss Second-From-the-Right my life would feel more manageable too.

I"m still in England, and I'll be in London for the first half of April.  I'd love a meet-up!  I'll reach out to the bloggers I've been communicating with before hand… but drop me a line if you know of any sewing / socializing opportunities.  I'll be in Crofton Park (which basically seems to be a fancy way of spelling Lewisham ;-) ).

I could do with some human interaction.  My life in rural England is very quiet.  Dealing with the council, the nursing home, trying to find some way for my Mother to be happy without me living the rest of my life in her tiny village --- on edge that she's about to slip, fall and be rushed back to hospital.

 I spent most of February with some very rock'n'roll friends.  But part of the deal of having rock'n'roll friends is not talking about them. It's kind of like fight club in that way! Discretion is part of the deal.  You'll just have to take my word for it that there are parts of my life that aren't completely depressing.


cidell said...

I think I have that pattern or something very similar. I spent a large portion of today trying to find a formal vintage pattern for sale that wasn't an arm and a leg.

I can't wait for episode 4!

Catherine Daze said...

Heh I love vintage pattern envelopes. Give me a shout if there's a meetup happening!