Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New York / Ithaca / Wherever

I'm back on the road again.  As usual my travels are highly unplanned and a little random.  I've already pissed off one dear friend by airily announcing I'm not staying with her after all.  Funny how my loosey goosey lifestyle leaves me blind to other people's practical realities.  Of course hearing your houseguest say, "I'm not coming after all," would be really effing annoying.

I'm up for any meet-ups, hang-outs or get-togethers.  You may have to hold my hands and reassure me that, "it's all going to be OK."

My sister likes to point out that in the pending post-modern, pre-apocalypse world the concept of "home" is probably going to be winnowed down to whatever you can fit in your back pocket and whoever is kind enough to offer you shelter for the night.  Maybe my itinerant life is simply way ahead of it's time?

'till then.


lazylinchen said...

I know how it feels to kind of forget about other people's lives when one's own is in utter disarray. However, I now know that this (as well as the disarray) will all be ok in the end. (See what I did there ;) )
If you feel like visiting Winter-wonderland, just let us know about, I don't know, 1 week in advance? We're usually quite flexible, unless there is someone else staying here. Would be fun to have a sewing buddy around for a while. Plus, I have a Bernins (for that coat...)
Hope all is going to be well, but I'm pretty sure it will.

Caroline said...

I would loooove to visit Finland. Once I'm back in the UK let's plan,

Julianne said...

If you want to come down to New Orleans in March or early April I can figure out a place for you to stay (maybe with us!).

Keep your chin up (sometimes). You're smart, kind, and creative, and I'm glad to have met you!

Caroline said...

Julianne - I've never been to NO and would love to go - so I may take you up on your offer! Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad I got to meet you too.