Monday, January 28, 2013

Visual Inspiration and Craftsy Pants Fitting Course

I'm back from a long weekend in Carpinteria, and eager to get started on the trousers again.  Here's some visual inspiration.  I love the first look in a kind of 70s sic-fi TV special kind of way.  She looks like the token female Captain of a galactic star fleet.
Gucci Spring / Summer 2013

Marni Pre-fall 2013: Not loving the forest green and the peach combo, or the shoes, but love all the pieces individually.

Marni Pre-fall 2013. Exactly how I want to look this Fall.

90's Vogue Inspiration

Marni Pre-fall 2013.  Love.
Sunni was so ahead of the trends with her brightly colored trousers. I'm loving these looks, especially the Marni color combos.  The last pair is the fit and style I'm going for, though it remains to be seen if it will actually be a flattering shape on me.  Any thoughts about fit?  I'm thinking the last pair don't actually fit the model that well.

Has anyone else signed up for the pant's fitting course on Craftsy?  Since I'm engrossed in trying to make a decent pair of pants it seemed like an obvious choice, however I'm struggling with it.  Sandra seems like a) a very knowledgable and accomplished woman and b) a sincerely nice person, but there's something about the course that makes is very hard to watch and follow.  It feels like they scheduled way too little time for the filming and as a result were under a huge amount of pressure to move quickly through the material.  I can almost feel the producer looking at her watch as they film! Sandra seems flustered and tends to start and stop sentences, interrupt herself, begin chains of thoughts without finishing them, and so on.  I'm going to try and get through it because the information is really useful, but it's my first "not-great" experience with Craftsy.  I wonder if they are taking on too many courses and don't have the time to film them in a more thoughtful, careful manner. Anyone else signed up for it?


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You really should try the videos on her Power Sewing site. They are in 30 minute segments and focus on one specific piece of the construction. When you've finished that piece/video off to find another video in her vast library to assist you in creating your garment. I just used a video from her site to help line a jacket and it was perfect! Try Power Sewing!!!

Caroline said...

That's a good idea, I'll have a look. I do get the sense that she is a really good teacher and I'd be very interested to see more.

Meigan said...

I bought the pants fitting course and I agree with you that the filming seems rushed. I haven't finished the course yet, I think I have just finished the "marking up the pattern" segment. There have been times when I think "Wow, they should have re-shot that scene" or "What the heck did she just say?"

I think the material will be well worth it (there are other positive reviews out there), but it could have been filmed better.

Ms. McCall said...

Hi Caroline - I've replied to your comment on my blog, but just in case you don't see it, I'm doubling down here too! My email is sewmsmccall -a-t- gmail d0t com, and I'd love to meet up some time!

I've been curious about the pants fitting class, but I've read similar comments to yours elsewhere. It's a shame, but there does seem to be so much ground to cover, fitting might be one of those things that an in-person teacher can be so much better for.