Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh, the sweet humiliation

Here you go:
Dear baby J*sus.  That's my ass.  I just pray that no-one who knows me in my non-sewing civilian life reads this thing.  The pattern is a menswear inspired trouser from an ancient copy of Burda:

Burda 10 / 2005 #113

The sizing is, somewhat horrifyingly, 42 in the waist / hips and 38 in the legs.  The truly frightening part is that the pants pull somewhat at the front, which conceivably pushes me up to a 44.  I'm not calling the idea of being a 42 / 44 horrifying, it's the fact that less than a year ago I was a 38.  I don't eat much and I work out, so I have no idea what is going on; maybe it's time for my once-a-decade physical.

The muslin is a mess of wrinkles, but I feel like most of them are fixable.  I'll be googling around, but I'd love opinions and feedback: 


Ok, getting closer to something I can live with here....

I experimented with the legs; the original was way too wide and baggy for me.  My first alteration was to take them dramatically for a straight pant (right leg in the above picture).  TOO straight!  I need some width in the leg to balance out the width of the pant around the torso.  Then I took them in between the crotch and the knee but let them flare out beneath the knee (left leg in the above picture).  Neither is perfect, but the wider-below-the-knee look is more flattering. 

These pants look almost nothing like my Sunni Inspirational Pants, but then I don't look much like Sunni.  If I can get a pair of menswear inspired pants that are chic and comfortable and don't make me look like a Kazakhstani tour guide at the height of the Cold War I'll be happy.


cidell said...

I like the leg on the right. I can't wear slim cut pants, but have to give it a go. I must have this edition because I remember sewing that top! I have my pattern selected. I purposefully chose one from an older Burda with easier tracing :) Hopefully I can trace and muslin this weekend.

Jane said...

It's a bit difficult to tell from the photos but I think your crotch depth is too short. If you add a little length all around your torso it should drop down which might fix part of the problem. There is is post about this here http://www.afashionablestitch.com/2011/sewalongs/in-which-i-finally-talk-about-the-word/

Good luck. I look forward to seeing your progress

Jane said...

Sorry should have added I think you may be able to go down a size if you add the extra length