Monday, January 21, 2013

Newest Mechanical Family Member / Fashionmate 237

I saw this machine sitting in a thrift store in Goleta, CA this weekend.  Now, I generally walk past vintage machines, but this one gleamed... her case is filthy, but the actual machine seems almost virgin and untouched.  She's a subtle mushroom color and I love the absolute "Straight Stitch only" simplicity of her.  The store clerk was open to negotiation, and I walked away with her for just over twenty bucks.

She seems to work really well.  At first I was worried that the tension discs were broken, they seem "loose," but they clearly are adjusting and maintaining tension so they must be working!

I do have a loose plan in the back of my head for her.  Like everyone else on the planet I'm worrying about money and income in the long term.  My main revenue comes from publishing, which is an industry that is constantly threatening to evaporate like a puff of steam. I'd like to find some other income sources and I have a vague idea about teaching sewing, but in the very specific way that I learned, which is "jump into the deep end with a wildly ambitious project and figure it out as you go."  I think women like me would respond to that method... 

I'm starting to understand the addiction to vintage sewing machines.  I'm jonesing for a Fashionmate 239 now... the model with zig-zag stitches.  Oy vey.

Long Term Plans.

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Leslie said...

This one looks like a beauty! I've been learning more about vintage machines myself and recently got a straight stitch only Bernina for cheap. I'd love to pick up a couple more vintage Singers though.