Friday, January 18, 2013

I was a Male War Bride vs I was an aspiring NY fashion editor

After the rousing and gratifying success of my coat it's on to my next projects.  I feel radically inspired to try some more difficult and more "fashion-y" designs.  Sunni's Pants have inspired me.  Maybe I can make pants too?  

I've made exactly one pair of pants; a Marc Jacobs for Vogue Patterns pair of capris out of lightweight denim that I sewed up in the mid 90s. I proudly wore them into work (a family business with my grandmother and my uncle) and Mimi (a proud and glamorous Chilean socialite who fell one slightly hard times after her divorce, and became a pretty impressive entrepreneur as a result) took one look and said, "you're far too hippy for those dear."  Well, if she thought I was hippy at 24, I wonder what should would think of my hips at 41, but I digress.

I've muslined a pair of menswear inspired pants from an ancient copy of Burda, and after failing to do them up accepted that I need a 42 (wtf!?!?) around the waist and hips, tapering to 38 in the legs.  OK.

On to jackets.  I'm still obsessed with my Patrones assymetrical fashion editor jacket, but also equally obsessed with Ann Sheridan's uniform in I Was a Male War Bride.

How chic and crisp and capable she looks!  And Burda had another of those fabulous, "under the radar" patterns that no one responds too in their November issue:

How adorable would this look over a skirt or dress (Ann of course wears it over menswear pants, but she has a teeny little waist).

Anyway, on to the next!


cidell said...

I have two pairs of pants I have sewn. Both wide legged. I saw Sunni's pants and another pair by Meli88a and Carol and decided I need to try a pair of slim pants. I was going to look for a pair this weekend.

I have always hated slim pants on my because I have such a wide rear. But, my pants now look like pajamas and it's just too baggy.

What ancient pattern did you use?

Oh, looking at thier pants also inspired me to work out too....

westmoon said...

I LOVED that Burda jacket pattern when I saw it last year. There's a photo of my grandfather in a men's version of that jacket when he was a flight navigator in WWII. I really REALLY want one, even though it's so incredibly out of my skills range it's not even funny, plus I never normally wear double breasted ANYTHING because I have Giant Boobs of Doom. Nothing I can do about the bust, but one day I'll have the jacket anyway.

Caroline said...


The pattern is BurdaWTF, 10/2005 113, I suspect there are others out there, but this seemed like a good place to start!

Boobs of Doom! Too funny. This jacket could still work, it has princess seams which are generally flattering for a full bust. Just do it! Learn the skills as you go!


Tasha said...

That's a fabulous pattern! It definitely has that battle jacket feel. Nice!