Friday, January 25, 2013

Burda Math

We all have things in our life that, if we explain them to our friends, sound completely freaking insane.  For the last two years nearly all my worldly goods have been locked in a storage unit in a state that is at least two states away from anywhere I've actually lived.

Long story.

...and the insanity of renting a storage locker is a whole 'nother post.  Are storage lockers every anything other than a weighty psychological burden, nagging and guilting us like a 15' x 15 x 5' pile of dirty laundry?

But I digress.

Two weeks ago my boyfriend agreed to fly out, pack up, and drive back my many, many Piles of Cr*p.   We drove 1,000 miles in 14 hours, stopping only for lunch in Flagstaff, AZ (one of my favorite towns ever).

Turns out that most of that cr*p was comprised of Burda, Patrones, Threads and piles of sewing magazines.  Who would have guessed?

Some quick Burda Maths (number of magazines) x (years subscribing) x (regular size ladies patterns per issue) means I have about 1,500 potential makes in Burda alone!

Here are a few I've pulled from the archives as possibilities.  

Meanwhile I'm spending a few days in Carpenteria and the pants are on hiatus till I return Southward...


Unknown said...

Great. What a wonderful find. Can't wait to see you make some of them up!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Besides the fact that your boyfriend is a saint and loves you sooooo much, I think it's really kewl that you found that treasure trove of Burda, Patrones, etc. pattern magazines. Let the sewing begin!