Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Whinnying versus Neighing

Horses whiney, and they neigh. I once had a boyfriend who found it highly amusing that I could (a) tell the difference, and (b) do very earnest impressions of both sounds. Neighing is a kind of friendly, contented, conversational act of communication, whereas whinnying is the more urgent, "look at me dammit" sound. There is A lOT of whinnying in the ol' blog world. I suppose I do it to. But it can be quite annoying, especially when it is combined with blame. I have a sinking feeling in the old guts that there's going to be even more whinnying around as we head into the presidential election. It's scary to me that the people who talk loudest, fastest and angriest seem to be in the ones who win the power and make the decisions. My relatives in the UK are astounded about our healthcare situation here; it blows their minds when I explain that the scariest thing about illness is not the illness itself, but rather the blind terror of being denied care by an insurance company or being bankrupted once you recover. This NHS has its issues, but when you are really sick it will take care of you.
Anyway, I dug this sweater out from the storage unit. I knit it almost three years ago, based on the super-slouchy-chic style of the Tom Scott (Vogue Knitting) pattern. Alas it does nothing for me, and I've never worn it. It looks good with the collar folded down like this, but then becomes impossible to wear, because the sweater wants to slip down around your feet. It was expensive too; I think there is about 220 bucks worth of alpaca in this thing. Frog.
The ladies cafe dress is coming along. I lowered the front bodice at the shoulders (it would have been better to lower the underbust seam, but I'd trimmed it too thoroughly to do so), put in a better zip (invisible rather than hand-picked regular). I've added stay tape to the back bodice as well as the front, and brought up the back bodice at the shoulder. I've built a ton of padding into it to try to replicate the curves that vanish due to the underbust being too short. Let's see how it looks when it's done.
I thought about going all-Oona and doing an orange exposed zip, but I chickened out at the last moment. Anyway...