Saturday, January 21, 2012

BURDA WOF 11/07 Cocktails in the Snow

This dress has reminded me of a valuable lesson; if something looks like hell, put it in the closet and forget about it for a few days. I really hated this dress when it was done. The construction was a little half-assed, and though it fits well from the front it seemed to have a ton of drag lines and fitting issues from the back that I couldn't figure out how to fix (radiating from the upper outer corners at the neck down to the center back at the waist / and from the center back at the waist out to the thigh at the side seam).
After I stuck it in the closet for a few days I pulled it out, put it on, and took some pictures. Now I think it is kind of cute. It's a great pattern. The darts give a neat little L-shape that I'd never tried before. I love the high neckline and thing straps which seem very 90s to me (have a peak at the 1996 Vogue shot of a model in a similar number). This dress will work well on my upcoming Caribbean vacation, though I doubt it will translate to my next two destinations; Ithaca NY and Oslo, Norway.
The sweater is my very own Beatnik.

Monday, January 09, 2012

The one thing that makes everything else feel better

My boyfriend and I have an "aggressive" fish tank.  The fish are all (obviously) aggressive, and when we add newbies it can take on a distinct air of Spartacus; Lords of the Tank. It's massive, about 400 gallons, and fits well, given that the whole house is done in a style that suggests mid - 80s DrugDealer Moderne style.  My cat adores it, enough that he'll tolerate being held up to look at it.  He mews in agony at the fish that are forever beyond his reach.

I know fish hate flashes...

 I have been creative, but nothing that the world really needs to know about.  Does your life feel better now that you've seen me in my cobalt blue Flight Attendant mod-mini dress?  I really like it, but it's one of those dresses that people look at, but don't comment on.  Which I always assume means they aren't feeling it.

Also, it's hard to whip up a whimsical blog post about skirts and gloves and minis when there is so much to feel anxious and stressed about.  I am entering my third year as a 'free-lancer' and waiting to start my second meaningful project shortly.  The days feel full of sloth and inactivity, and this leads to a lot of very negative thinking, since I have a natural tendency to beat the crap out of myself even in the best of times.  Add in some family drama, relationship stress, the slow decline of the 40 something body, and it's hard to get too stoked about the day to day details of life.

...and why I always pick a window seat.  An amazing full moon over the red rocks of Utah said keep calm little buddy.  It will be OK.