Sunday, December 30, 2012

We have a bodice!

Setting in the sleeves did a number on my sanity. There was shouting, swearing, a tiny bit of crying, and a whole lot of existential self-doubt. My Janome 415 could not handle the thickness of the intersecting seams and I had NO clue what to do.  After googling industrial sewing machines for rent... and contemplating throwing the whole thing in the bin, my boyfriend suggested that I try his grandmother's New Home machine.  Amazingly, miraculously, she flew threw the sleeve seams... making it look easy! I hope my Janome feels suitably chastised.

I did the lining as per "Tailoring."  The back has a pleat to accommodate movement.  Look at that lovely facing, almost perfectly applied!  So proud of myself...

Sleeve head getting steamed up about something

No wonder I was having trouble!
Note that I used flannel for the bias strips (that are used to ease in the sleeve)  a slightly loftier fabric would have resulted in better sleeve heads, but this is fine.  I'll try to source a better fabric next time. 
Not pressed yet.  Neither of these sleeves are perfect, but they are still pretty good!

The back will hang better once the skirt has been sewn on.  I am going to add some shoulder pads to correct the slope in my shoulders a little.

The triumphant New Home machine.  Quietly patting itself on the back...


Jane said...

Wow! This looks great

cidell said...

i love your boyfriend and the way this coat is turning out. thanks for the regular updates. i really am on bated breath.