Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Longest Slog.

The coat trudges on. I'm at the stage where i seem to do as much un-sewing as I do actual sewing. I have managed to assemble the lining-and it looks pretty good. I've experimented with the sleeve setting technique I first saw on  Gerties blog (and which is incredibly satisfying and gives a great result).  Basically this has been a huge project, Burda calls it a "masterpiece" for good reason, and I'm being a little burnt out on a garment I will have very few chances to actually wear.... Because the cruel joke is that the coat is a true winter garment and real "winter"is in short supply here in Los Angeles. Better progress shots to come!


Catherine Daze said...

Don't give up! The last few bits always seem to take forever.

Jane said...

This is going to look fabulous. You mustn't give up!