Friday, November 23, 2012

Shazaam Aloha!

Are you impressed Marcy?  Color!  
I pulled this lightweight knit out of the Mood remnants box in LA, it's super light and very soft.  I'm telling myself it's DVF remnant.  Who knows, but I just really liked it at first sight.  So naturally I turned over Thanksgiving prep to my boyfriend and sewed this up on Wednesday night:

Once again it's my Favorite Pattern Ever, the September Burda shift dress.  I did my classic backwards upside down, retro-fitting construction by making the dress without a zipper, then realizing it needs a lining in order to work as a winter dress.  Once I added the lining it then needed a zipper and... you get the drift.  The fabric is slightly-overworked at the back seam and it's a bit botched to be frank.  But who cares.  It's cute and I like it and it is the perfect weight for a LA winter dress.

How did everyone's Thanksgiving go?  I made it with only one confrontation with a relative who brought a dog that behaved badly and who promptly got in a huff when I chastised said dog.



oonaballoona said...

YEEEAH! rock that print! i love those tones on you, and you've perfected that dress. botched back seam or no.

(also, children and pets are in the free reign zone for adult chastising. hello? bring your dog to tday?!)

Caroline said...

Two dogs actually! One of which proceeded to wipe it's butt on our white shag rug.