Friday, September 14, 2012

Sewing Report Card, Burda round two.

My school report card always said the same thing, '....Tigerlounge has so much potential, if she would only concentrate and try harder."  I'm sure my sewing report card would say the same thing.

If only I'd concentrate and try harder, just think what I could do!

So,  taking the report card metaphor a little further I'm going to focus on:
a) taking the time to do a thorough job of tracing around my pattern pieces and making sure all the details are clearly and accurately marked.
b) taking the time to cut a uniform seam allowance, and not fudging, eye-balling or "oh whatever"ing the process.
Nearly all my sewing dissatisfaction stems from poor pattern marking that is worsened by having uneven random seam allowances.  So, let's see if I can get a better grade next semester!

I'm ploughing on with my wearable wardrobe.  I need knits, lots of lovely knits.
Here's the top version of the Burda dress:

As you can see  there are some issues with the sleeve dart.  I think the problem here is I had hardly any fabric left and the sleeves are probably somewhat off grain. When you flip the sleeve inside out there are no obvious bumps.  Still, I love the chic sweatshirt style of this top.  I'm going to get enough heathered grey to make a few more variations of this style.

Can you see the fantastic French dart detail?  It gives the top such a great shape, both fitted but not tight in any way.  I love it!

And the shoulder tab shirt from the same issue of BS (ha.  BS!). Again, a great and well draughted and well thought out pattern, slightly botched by "Oh Whateverniss."  Those of you sewing ladies will notice I did an absolute dog's dinner setting in the sleeves.  Luckily I'm probably not running into any of you tonight and my "civilian" friends won't notice or care.

Neither of these tops are going to set the world on fire, but I like em, and unlike the show-stopper cocktail dresses cluttering up my wardrobe I will probably wear these!

I'll be making more versions of this, and being more careful with the sewing.

Next up:  Gertie patterns!  I traced a whole bunch from the book, include the divine Wiggle Dress, and will be running them through the machine this weekend.

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You look so cheerful and happy!