Wednesday, September 26, 2012

...and the God(desses) said, "let there be Color!"

I've been getting a bit too gray.  With the encouragement of certain internet goddesses I finally finished the one little splurge (hate that word, but it works here) of color in my sewing wardrobe:

This is the sheath dress from 6/12 Burda style:

The pattern specifies stretch, so I went up a size when I decided to sew a cotton lace.  Rookie move. (what are you supposed to do... am I doing the maths wrong.  Surely if you are sewing a solid woven instead of a stretchy knit going up a size makes sense?) The bodice is way too big.  Slip sliding away...awawwyyy... I love this dress... the coral lace with the carefully considered lilac lining (matchy matchy made it look dated in a baaaaad way).  But the truth is I would have to nail the bodice straps to my shoulders to make it work. If I'm sitting down the bodice is basically half-way down my torso.  Not a great look.

I should have ignored Burda, and sewn my usual 38, and not worried about the stretch vs. non-stretch issue.

Ah well...

I sense a coral skirt in my future!


oonaballoona said...


bigger pictures bigger pictures! i wanna see that lining :)))

seriously, this color is amazing. it's like the sun is shining a special spotlight ray on you.

Meg @ Mood Fabrics said...

Yeah, go with your instincts when it comes to sizing. But great dress!