Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Tale of Two Realities

Reality one:  The body I had five years ago.  Somehow both curvy and skinny, nice round bits, no extra stomach.
Reality two: The body I have today.  Same body as five years ago, except it feels like someone - rather unkindly - wrapped everything between my chin and my knees in a layer of bubble wrap when I wasn't looking.

I'm not complaining (really).  The slow, incremental slide away from my more youthful form is simply a little depressing. I  hate how that bubble wrap has shifted things around.  Clothes don't fit the way they used to.  My stomach seems to lead the way. My elbows no longer fit neatly into the curve of my waist.  Bah!  Whatever.

I work from home, and I never feel good about how I look.  I generally wear jeans and a crappy tee, or else gym clothes.  Or on really bad days, my bathrobe.  My goal was a "sweatshirt" style dress that referenced a little bit of Alexander Wang sportswear chic, and was super comfortable for sitting and typing, but also doesn't make me feel ashamed of myself when I schlep off to Trader Joes or another mid-day errand.

The carefully sewn wardrobe of cocktail couture and highly-structured pieces in my closet is too constricting, and actually makes me look older (I have a theory; the older you get, the younger your clothes have to be.  I loved old-lady-chic when I was young and gamine.  Now it just makes me look old-lady.  Skirts need to be shorter, materials more modern).

So, following Sunni's lead I'm dedicating September to sewing comfortable, stylish clothes I'll actually wear on a regular basis.

First up:  Easy to wear dresses.

I can't even tell you how much I love this dress from September Burda.  Like Amanda I found that it is sized too generously.  The black version is a 38, which needed much taking in and tweaking to work, and the grey version is a 36, which worked almost off of the bat. (I am a Burda 38). So try sizing down.  The zipper is not needed for a jersey version, but if you make it in the suggested woven fabrics you will want one.

It has some great dart details - a nice curved French dart, and a really elegant one the shoulder. Should have gone in for some detail pics.

Finally; having a boyfriend who spent years in the rag trade is incredibly helpful.  Not only is he willing to sit on the floor with pins in his mouth adjusting hems, but he can identify a wonky dart and funny grain line too. Priceless!


Catherine Daze said...

That's lovely: simple and chic. Thanks for the warming about the size.

oonaballoona said...

i always remind myself that a year ago i hated my (insert various body part here), but when present me looks back, that body part was slammin. BLEURGH ON BODY ISSUES.

this is enough to make me buy another burda... i hate that my work from home clothes are not chic! you look mahvelous, truly.

A said...

really glamourous. i love the colour, it reminds me of the colour of Dior dresses :-)

Sassafras said...

Very sophisticated. I may have to jump into the Burda pool