Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great Gatsby Lace

I utterly fell in love with the loose translation of a flapper dress in June's Burda.  Maybe because it is obviously vintage, but so unlike what I normally wear. No binding seams, constricting construction or firmly shaping wool. No (possibly too obvious) references to "Mad Men." So youthful and giddy. Oh too feel as free as a flapper! Clearly we are all going to be dressing like Daisy in Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby from about mid-August on.

Oona talked me into buying was there when I bought this gorgeous lace fragment from Mood, too small to make any attempt at pattern matching, but I managed to get a more or less symmetrical front. It's Oscar de La Renta, and wonderfully off-white.  It looks old, in a good way.  The dress is on the cover of the English Language Burda and looked huge, so I did a quick measure and cut a 36 instead of my usual 38  40.

This is actually an overlay, you sew a separate piece to wear under this.  It dips very very low, so this is a piece that you have to layer to make wearable.

The front of the lace overlay

The back, you can see the piecing both in the back seam and the upper right shoulder. there was no more fabric, so no point in worrying about matching the back pieces.

I can do Vintage.  My grandmother's Frister Rossmann, Cub 4. Love this machine.  It's pretty slow, super heavy, and has that satisfying electrical oily smell of any old machine.

I'm still in the UK, mostly because it finally stopped bloody raining.  I'm going to stay till the rain starts again and gives me an excuse to go home!

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cidell said...

Oh! It's the same as my little Kenmore 1040. There is an orange version for the German market too.

I am currently in a love affair with lace.