Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Starlet Suit Jacket, step 1

I took down my slightly down-with-babies post. I still feel the same way, but I realize lots of my friends don't. Not smart to insult your remaining friends at the same time as you're complaining that you never get to see them anymore. Wyoming is absurdly gorgeous. Green and verdant and people are just excited to be outside, climbing moutains, fording streams and so on. We live right out side of the Teton National Park, and driving home from a late-night campfire you have to be careful not to take out (or be taking out by) the thousands of mooching elk.
As far as sewing goes, I cut out a muslin for the SSJ in size 4, which was humiliatingly small. Especially give that the website warns you that the pattern in generously sized. I almost feel like I've missed a generation in the patterns, and maybe the sizing numbers are mislabeled, because it's hard to believe that I'm so drastically off. I'm going to go up three sizes and see what happens. The jacket is really cute. It's quite short, which I love. Can't wait to really get started on it. That's it for me! Hope life is well out there.

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oonaballoona said...

aw man i agreed with you on that post. i mean, i still love all the offspring popping up, but it's just a fact that it changes things. was anyone really offended?

looks exquisite there! cut that size whatever and tell yourself you're leaving plenty of seam allowance for couture sewing :). the sizing nowadays is a hot mess.