Friday, May 18, 2012

Operation Save America has invaded!

Our town has the last abortion provider in Wyoming, and this apparently enrages large numbers of people who having nothing to do with Wyoming. Every year OSA invades our town, on the weekend when the Boy Scouts host their annual antler auction fund-raiser. They cover the iconic town square (antler arches, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar) with huge photographs of aborted fetuses, drive around town in an "Abortion-mobile" and generally shit all over our wonderful corner of the world. My views on abortion are very simple; as women we have to have the right to control our own destinies. We are entitled to have control over our bodies. Abortion is horrible, and I doubt I could ever have one. But it is my right to determine the course of my life, and make these kind of decisions for myself. Let me re-iterate: these people are awful. They are the same ilk as the "God Hates Fags" group. It enrages me that they have the legal right to drive a thousand miles to a town that wants nothing to do with them, and deface our world with their craziness. Luckily, we are a town of smart people. The official strategy that has been widely adopted is to ignore, and refuse to engage. Once ranch sent a cattle truck to town, and parked it in front of their display, blocking the "view" of their truck, and any interaction. This is of course the worst possible outcome for OSA, who are looking for conflict and martyrdom. The last group packed up and left early because of the lack of engagement. Let's hope these cretins do too.

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tigergirl said...

Something I've always noticed with the (admittedly few) abortion protests I've seen is that there were always a lot more men than women.