Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wallis Simpson / Michael Kors Vogue dress

I bought this fabric - a gold / green silk with embroidered flowers- from a fancy store in Mid-town Manhattan (probably Parons) about ten or eleven years ago. It was the summer just after 9/11, and a whole bunch of my fancy NYC cousins were gearing up to get married. I futzed around with it and a very poorly drafted Vintage Butterwick Pattern, till my then boyfriend pointed out that the whole effect was incredibly frumpy.
Now, a decade later, I finally sewed the dress up into the Michael Kors pattern that was very popular for a nano-second. I did it in stages (as I tend to do). Stage 1 was the hopeful excitement phase that got me through sewing the skirt (great fit with no adjustments), the back bodice (matches perfectly), the little bow (cute), and up till the point were I had to baste the bodice 'wing' in place. It was horrifyingly frumpy and unflattering, and I hated it, thought I looked just like Wallis Simpson on a bad day, and hid away the dress for Stage 2.
Stage 2 is deciding to do something spontaneous and creative, like draft a new bodice front from scratch. This phase is purely hypothetical for me, because it only ever ends in inaction or disaster. I've never successfully made it through Stage 2. Which leads to Stage 3, which is just finish the f****** dress already.
Now that I've done it I think it is quite cute. I got many compliments last night when I wore it out, and while not a favorite, it will get some use.
I have an innate ability to go to fancy fabric stores and pick the frumpiest bolts to sew from. After two hours in Mood, this funny brown / slate blue tweed is my favored selection for the Starlet Suit. Save me from myself.

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A.J.A. said...

It's very pretty! I love the color and sheen, and the knot at the neckline is perfect with the fabric.