Saturday, March 31, 2012

How good is good enough?

So, how what quality does your work have to be in order for you to consider it, "good." I am pretty rigorous on myself, and it doesn't always serve me well. I can get bogged down in the tiniest details, to the point that I have at least one WIP that's been stalled out for over 15 years (a very nineties boxy top that would actually look great right now, must pull it out). So, how is the Marilyn Monroe day look coming along (and yes, I totally see Michelle Williams wearing this as she channels Marilyn putting on a show. I love a good narrative for my dresses.) I thought about going all Oona on this dress, and adding some sort of color and contrast, but that skill is a gift, and one I don't have. I did think about using some sort of bold orange, but where, how, and in what quantity?? These questions torment me.
I think the overall impression of the front is good. The dress originally had bust darts, but the fabric made them do a rather extreme and super pointy bullet-bra effect (does anyone else remember the cast member of the VERY FIRST Real World who put dixie cups under her bra for a night of clubbing? Sort of looked liked that). I took out the darts and gathered the excess instead.
This is lesser of two evils kind of deal. The bust darts perhaps had more panache, because the gathers give a certain droopiness. My first instinct is to hike up the bodice front even tighter, but maybe that's actually the opposite of the problem? It I lengthened the bodice front the underbust seam would fall more naturally below the bust and perhaps allow the gathers to "fill-out" a bit more naturally? I've already added twill tape on the front neckline, but maybe I should do it on the back too? Is that a thing? There is a little too much gaping to be acceptable.
I added bust pads a la Gertie, and maybe a second round WITH a slightly lowered underbust would do the trick? Anyhoo, this dress needs to be shortened, and I think once I've cut out and inserted a lining I'll like it.


Kat said...

It's almost there--just lower the underbust a smidge, take in that torso section on either side of the front panel (it's simply too loose right now), and shorten the straps in the back by less than an inch. This is going to be beautiful.

tigergirl said...

I agree with Kat's summation, including the fact that it will look fab!.