Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bigger Girl Blues, or, The Pattern Never Lies

About three or four years ago I made a black silk duponi version of Vogue 9668 to wear to a Halloween Party;
The end-result was an instant favorite, and one of those dresses that makes you feel sexy and gorgeous and stylish every time you put it on. I've never made the pattern again, even though I loved it so much. A few weeks ago I decided I'd use my vintage slubby dotted rayon to make a more summery, hopefully daytime-ish version. Because I am a wise seamstress, I muslined it first... and the bodice didn't meet in the back. By more than two inches. Long story short, I had to grade the pattern up by two sizes, in other words I've gained two inches around my stomach, hips and thighs in less then three years. I also seem to have lost about half-an-inch vertically, i.e., my waist is higher (is such a thing possible?).
I do not like this change. And there has been change; when I asked my boyfriend if I'd put on weight he did the ol' anxious evasive eye-roll to the sky, waited about two seconds, and answered, "Nooooooooo?" I come from a family of very-thin people, and fake-thin people. My sister is legitimately thin, whereas I - in my grandmother's immortal words - am, "too hippy for those pants, dear." I'm one of those people who could go fat, very very easily. Fat likes me, it wants to hang around and stick to my bones. I know it would be nice to be all body-accepting of myself... but I can't accept that. I don't particularly want to diet, but I am going to modify my lifestyle to prevent any further unwanted expansion.
The slubby rayon is very hard to control, so I interlined the bodice with muslin, and then did the same for the first eight inches of the skirt. I'm not sure if this was a good idea or not, but it certainly makes it easier to control. This fabric has an odd characteristic - the points of all the darts are super sharp and "sticky-out." This is Ok on the skirt, but looks quite odd on the bust. I'm thinking of turning the bust darts into gathers to deal with that. And finally here is the fantastic acid green, framed with black, lace from Mood that I stopped myself from buying. Oh, the regrets!


oonaballoona said...

wait wait wait wait WAIT.

do not go down that inches path. stop, retreat.

when we went to mood it was all i could do not to catfight you over how gorgeous you looked in your eyelet mini. i'm being totally serious here, you have an amazing and perfectly proportioned bod. love it. (that's an order.)

Caroline said...

ah, thank you! And the admiration was mutual! It is all subjective, and my main goal is to stop the expansion now, since the ladies in my family do trend on the "portly" side as they age. I'm not a weigher and a measurer by nature, which was why this was an unexpected change!
Good advice though, thanks,

cidell said...

I am with you on stopping the expansion now. I've put on 15 pounds in two years and have managed to just give away everything that no longer fits so I don't have to face it. That being said, I realized last month that I had to do something about it and starting working out five times a week. As you have noted, it doesn't get easier as we get older and I don't want to be 'thick' or 'fluffy' in my middle age years.