Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vintage Dots

I'm using Butterwick 5707 for the polka dots. I muslined the bodice, and I think it will be interesting, it totally outside of my zone, and only one smidge on the good side of the chic / frumpy divide. The skirt is ridiculously long, and will be shortened to mid-knee. The bodice seems to fit, but the arms don't drape well in the muslin, I'm assuming that will be fixed in the actual rayon fabric. I went on PR to find any reviews of this dress, and found one, , which was helpful (and a great dress) but also got me thinking about how little I use Patternreview anymore. All I ever look at these days are the posts about Burda Style / WOF, so I can get a jump on the line drawings. I hope the PR site gets a major refresh soon, it looks horribly dated, especially compared to Ravelry, which I think is basically the best crafting forum site out there.

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cidell said...

I have the same issue in must skimming for BWOF reviews. There are just fewer in comparison. It's tempting to learn Russian just so I can get more out of the BurdaStyle website. Those girls sew like you would not believe.