Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winter Coat Ambitions, plus, a ramble about the Relative Values of CA and WY DMV offices.

I've long wanted to make a Winter Coat, and seeing as I just committed to spending the winter in a log cabin on the edge of the Grand Tetons (my room overlooks about a million empty acres of mountains, elk refuge and National Park) now seems like the time.

The winter white coating from Mood is going to be a version of Simplicity 2508, which is a Project Runway pattern.  I really fell in love with the more Mod double-breasted coat in the top left, but now I'm leaning towards the more timeless coat in the middle of the line-drawing.  I was totally inspired by Cidell's Awe-inspiring Coat and actually wanted to saw the same pattern - but, like EVERYTHING else in my life... my BWOFs are "in storage in Sante Fe."  The "in storage in Sante Fe" line is quite the family joke now.  Both my sister and I have our entire worldly possessions safely locked up in a city at least 800 miles from anywhere either of us are ever planning on living again.  But I digress.

I've spent several fruitless hours looking for lambswool interlining on the web, but I'll probably go with the much easier to find option of cotton flannel, Jo-Ann's flannel backed satin or Thinsulate.  Thoughts anyone?

Oh, and the Jackson Hole DMV?  Yesterday I walked in and they nice ladies behind the counter were DRINKING COFFEE.  And were PLEASED TO SEE ME.  After ten years in LA it still literally makes me want to cry tears of joy when my city / town actually tries to make life easier for you...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why I Haven't Posted Recently

When Summer is short, you begrudge ever day spent inside.