Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you kind people of the Interwebs

One thing I've noticed about North-West Wyoming - no place to buy quality dress-making notions, fashion fabric, patterns or anything sewing related.  There is one cute and friendly quilt store that I discovered AFTER I hit up my good friend in Baltimore (Thanks Cidell, your vegan cookbook will be on it's way when it is published ) for some zips and bits.  But they don't have much beyond quilting fabric, and some very dodgy zips that make a creaky-plasticy sound that suggests they won't last long.

I haven't had much time for sewing, but I did make another procrastination dress - it's the same pattern as the Star Trek Night Nurse dress, but sewn up in Black eyelet.  The crappy zip will probably be replaced by one of Renee's superior zips at some point.  I'm going to go car camping next week, and will do a fun photo shoot then (Grizzlies a plus), but till then here's a preview.  I love it, tho it serves almost no purpose in my new Wild West life.  I was going for that Jackie O in India look, and aside from the color (did she ever wear black?) think I nailed it.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Neapolitan Hooker dress, pt 2

I hope no one I know in the "real" world reads this, because there are rather too many photos of me in my underwear.  (scroll down).  More  Safe For Work:  The Beatnik Sweater progresses, the twisted rib takes forever.  I still have no idea if it's going to work or not, I knit one sleeve and the gauge seems more or less correct.  Let's see what happens.

Interstitial shot:  Why the idea of me choosing to sew this dress now is so funny: view of a slushy snow-storm out of my window this morning.  That's the local ski-mountain behind the precipitation.  It's June 7th people.

 Ahh.  The naughty bits.  I'm torn between calling this the Neapolitan Hooker, or the Italian Widow.  It is  a Franken-pattern.  The bodice from Feb / 11 Burda, plus the high-waisted skirt in the same issue. If I go ahead with the real thing some darts and seam lines will have to be moved to line up.  What do you think?  I quite like it.  It seems to more or less fit (though the pattern does call for stretch fabric, which I don't have.  Do I wing it?  Sew deeper into the seam allowances to give a smidge more breathing room?)
I was thinking about eliminating the waist seams to make it more of a dress, but then how do you handle the boning?
Then there is the age-appropriate question.  I'm about to turn 40.  Is this the dress a 40 year old woman should be wearing??
I love the 1950s hooker-with-a-heart shoes.  Frye, on super sale.
The back is a little messy.  I think that sewing in the zipper properly will fix this, and obviously the straps need work.  

Bye for now,

Monday, June 06, 2011

The Claudia Sweater

It's our weird obsessions that define us, right? At this moment I live in a little cabin at the base of a closed-for-the-summer-season ski mountain in the top left hand corner of Wyoming, but I'm obsessed with replicating the style of Ms Schiffer.  There is some logic to this.  I am going to Big West Coast city next month. Among many things I'm going to scrounge around for more work,  and get started with a hip-hop artist on his book.  Though he's only five years younger than me, "that's twenty in hip-hop years" as my agent pointed out.  I'm curious to see how we connect,  my client-to-be is international, and a bit of a cultural nomad-as am I. I have many passports for instance, as does he I imagine. Anyway, I can't show up in five year old corduroy pants and ratty t-shirts from The Gap (which is basically what I've worn everyday since I headed to NM and WY).  So some nice clothes need to be pulled together. I've loved the Beatnik Sweater ever since it hit Ravelry.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Merino Aran that has been knit into TWO sweaters already and ripped each time.  As you can imagine it's getting a bit fried.  If the sweater works I will die it another color, as buttercup yellow does me no favors.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Badly fitting fashion, pt 2

This picture is in the current (June'11) issue of American Vogue:

Maybe I'm turning into an old fuddy-duddy, pushing my glasses up my nose and harumphing, "what does she think she looks like... but seriously, what does she (or the stylist, or Anna Wintour) think she looks like here?  I know Arizona Muse is one serious skinny-minny, but the bodice doesn't fit - at all.  I'm guessing the waist has been pinned in to fit her middle, but the bust fits her as about as well as the Turin Shroud would.  Is this a stylistic choice? Perhaps Muccia Prada is making a  bold statement about tailoring, or fit, or feminism.  Maybe ill-fitting clothes signal a woman's independence by disappointing the male gaze or something?  I'm actually interested to know if there's some thought behind this.  There must be really, because Vogue is too influential to do anything by accident.  This actual dress didn't make the runway, but perhaps it is this dress in another colorway:

It seems to fit well enough in the Prada show, so maybe this is a choice on the part of US Vogue.  It's interesting from a sewist's point of view because I would never deem this dress "acceptable to wear" if I'd made it, but here it is in Vogue.  

A lot of pointless wondering really.  Tomorrow I have a to turn in the project I've been working on for the last year. I really should have bigger fish to fry at this moment in time.