Sunday, May 29, 2011

90s Vogue

Mid-90s fashion looks so good right now, if I wasn't wearing old cords and mud boots (because it just snowed another 5" here in Wyoming!) I'd be totally wearing this:

I love that grown-up before out time dress and the kitten heels.  It takes me back to actually being that age in that era, and thinking if I could simply pull off that look then everything else; the life, the career, the relationship would somehow fall into place.  Of course it took another fifteen years before everything (or anything really) started to make sense.  I kept my 1990 - 1995 US Vogues for years, until my Dad make the executive decision to throw them away.  Bah.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Street style

Living some what off the big-city grid means you have to rely on street style photos for inspiration about how "real women" dress these days.  Especially when it's a lady of my age, and she gives me a sense of how you can look age-appropriate, but not "old."  Claudia Schiffer was so tacky in the late 80s / 90s, in her little Karl Lagerfeld pastel Chanel mini-suits, but she seems to have really come into her own as she gets older.  I love this look:

I'm sure she's wearing some expensive pieces here, but it's all very replicable with self-made, or mass-market pieces.  Poor old CS, though.  What a cad for a husband.  January Jones? Really?

The other big source of style inspiration is the Youthquakers blog.  Whoever is behind this blog posts fantastic images from early '70s issues of both US and UK Vogue.  That look; a little sexy, a little bourgeois, looks so fresh right now.  Womanly, and a little wanton, but in a very innocent, somewhat decorous way compared to today.  I love a good early-70s heeled sandal. The square heel and straps looks so modern and chic right now.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Burda Bustier Top

I haven't seen anyone in blog-land jump on the Burda 2/11 bustier top, which seems odd to me.  It looks well-drafted, and is very au courant with the current interest in the Dolce and Gabbana S/S collection.  I love the saucy little dash of Linda Evangelista in the early 90s plus a bit of Madonna in the 80s.  It's got that great sexy Italian widow thing going on.  Nice. I don't have much use for a bustier top, but I do have a lot of uses for a summer dress that is a little sexy, but also functional.

I'm hodge-podging the top together with the high-waisted skirt from the same issue.  The darts in the skirt will have to be moved to align with the seams in the front of the top.  Ideally I want to cut them as one piece, i.e., a dress rather than a skirt and top.  I wonder if I really needed boning for this?  I ask primarily because I just moved to a small town in North West Wyoming, and there's no boning to be had for at least three states in either direction (that sounds a bit odd, but never mind).

I'm a little peeved at Burda for recycling this top in the next issue - it makes it onto the cover as a strapless dress.  Anyone else catch that?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Nan Goldin, Chelsea Hotel

This dress was a bit of an experiment.   It's a Burda WOF boatneck t-shirt top with an added skirt, the material is super soft jersey from Joanns, though I think it was a little stretched and off-grain.  I was feeling that my wardrobe was skewing old, and I needed something with a little more joie de vivre.  Stripes, jersey and mini seemed like a combination, but there's no getting around that I look a little nuts in this one.

Ideally I was going for a '70s downtown kind of vibe, but if I'm honest I look like a certain homocidial maniac from beyond the grave.  The material is lovely, really soft and cozy, and I greatly enjoy wearing this dress, but the taste level really isn't there.  I think I may remove the skirt (the double red band was a design choice, but it's too far down my body and looks accidental) and return this to a top.

I love the long sleeves and the boatneck.  The dress concept will be returned to, but probably as a more basic little number.

The setting is my hotel room in San Jose, CA.  Here for work, and missing my farm.