Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stop Kidding Around

Besides the fact that I have a book due in two months (two months!!!) I have another excuse for the total lack of creative activity here of late: 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving, again

I never really know how to mix personal stuff with sewing and craft stuff on this blog, but here goes.  Right now I'm sitting in the midst of my entire bubble-wrapped, boxed-up life.  Again.  Actually for the 6th time in the last 14 months.  No need to rehash the whole hellish experience, but it started with a seemingly wonderful relationship going really, really bad.  And ever since then I've been on the run.  Mostly to avoid the temptation to go back to a bad situation.  Now I'm two states away, and my sub-let is up and I'm packing again.  I try to be positive.  It's good to invite change, take chances, avoid old-bad situations.  And so on.  But the truth is if there was anyway for me to make it work with my ex in a non-toxic, healthy way I would high-tail it back there.  This is an exhausting way for a soon-to-be 40 woman to live her life.  But right now I don't know what else to do.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cocktail Frocks on the Rio Grande

 My best friend's husband took us along with him as he fished the Rio Grande (well, actually the Red River, but it turns into the Rio Grande about half a mile down stream).  Obviously it seemed like a good chance to put on my new dress, some high-heels, red lippie, and do an impromtu sewing shoot.

 Fishing Widows!
Thanks New Mexico, for everything.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Non-Buttonfront dress

Turns out that when you are sewing a dress out of a tablecloth you bought at Sally Ann - don't make cutting mistakes.  Odds are poor that you will find the same tablecloth again.  So no button front.  But I am pleased with one aspect of this dress.

I think I am shedding my need for "Pointless Perfection."  This dress has plenty of errors and flaws, but I'm not letting myself fixate on them, or go back and fix them unless they really, really matter. Maybe a whole new life philosophy is blooming?  Life ain't perfect, so just enjoy the best you can do?

I'm quite pleased with the way I jury-rigged a faced lining.  There were some errors here, namely in tracing the facing and lining pattern pieces off of the main pattern pieces.  But so what, it looks ok, gives the dress a nice shapely form (even on the hanger).  i love the way the bust darts use the lines of the fabric to give a little detail.   I love the little sparkle mixed in with the slubby linen-like quality of the fabric.  It's super ravelry but it has fantastic texture.
Think positive!  In all things!

Hemming tomorrow, then formal fashion show to follow!