Thursday, December 08, 2011


 My version of Norah Gaughn's Beatnik. It still needs a neckband, but the excitement of almost finishing something... well. I love the 60s shape.  From the back I look like the bastard daughter of Kim Kardashian and Christine Hendricks.  Who can be sad about that?

The sweater is actually for my Mum, and the yarn has been knit into three different sweaters (by me).  This one seems like it will keep though.

The strange white glow is sunlight reflecting off of the snow in the elk refuge outside my house.
 And this is the one attempt of sewing I've made in the last month and a half of constant travel (WY, UK, LA, LV).  The famed Michael Kors dress that is beautifully drafted but looked hideousa in person.


Valerie said...

Love the sweater. You manage to pull off the retro look perfectly. Commiserations on the dress. What will you do with it?

cidell said...

I had no idea you could knit.... BTW, Trena and I were having a morbid conversation in Florida. We were discussing who would get our things. I have you down for first dibs on my sewing magazines and books. Morbid, right? Shrugs.

Caroline said...

Thanks Valerie! And Cidell, yes, count me in. I will adjust my will accordingly too. All BWOFs are for you. Whoever outlives the other will be happy!