Monday, October 24, 2011

Santa Fe and back, all for Burda, really.

 I thought I was joking when I told people I was driving 1,400 miles roundtrip to get my Burda collection out of storage, but it ended up being more or less true.  I'm not sure WHAT I thought I had in storage, but it turns out that it was mostly tired old furniture, clothes that should have been retired years ago, and a ton of sewing related things.

I retrieved 10 Burdas (my current living situation is very transient, and there isn't room for whole collection), some skiing clothes, and various other bits and pieces that were slightly depressing and existential-crisis-causing.  Is this all my life adds up to?

The Burda in the top right-hand corner is 11/04, and is one of my favorite issues ever.  It is falling apart, and dog-eared and wrinkled and coffee-stained.   It has the perfect peacoat, a great military inspired jacket, as well as a beautifully designed full-length coat.  This was the issue that blew my mind when I saw it on a Hollywood Blvd newsstand.

November 2004.  I've loved this peacoat (101) forever, might have the ability to tackle it, finally.  I started the double breasted jacket (104) years ago and alas lost the half-finished garment.  But it is gorgeous and worth trying again.

November 2004, perfect coat.  So simple, so elegant!
March 2005.  This issue is packed with fantastic, vintagey, styles.  I've made more pieces from this issue over the years than any other.

103 is the coat that Miss Cidell made to beautifully.  I believe 9 / 2006.
On the way back through Colorado I stopped at a little junk store and picked up this 1996 Vogue.  Lately I've been nostalgic about and fascinated by, 1990s fashion.  Part of this is simply that it looks good again, but part of it is also the natural urge to be nostalgic about your youth.  I seem to remember that being young felt pretty hard, but it also felt alive with potential.  In fact it was nothing but potential.
 I didn't remember how crazy the shoes were in the 90s.  The Mary-Janes with the strange flared-out heels... did you wear these?  I'm sure I lusted after them, though I couldn't have afforded them.

 Gorgeous dress that I would wear today in a heartbeat.  Check out that laptop.

And when I say that "I" drove, I lied.  Mr. X. worried that a 1,400 mile drive was too much for me to handle solo, and came out to help.  He was much appreciated...

And before he left he gave me a quick demo on how to use my Colt Automatic.  It was made in 1925, is nickel plated and has a mother-of-pearl grip.  I'm a great shot it turns out.


T. Sedai said...

I have those issues from 2005 and 2006. Very worth driving 1400 miles for. Especially the 09/2006 - one of my favorite issues of all time (even though I have only been a Burda fanatic since February). I searched the internet for months to find that one and I love it.

cidell said...

I have several comments. The first is that I had that IBM thinkpad with the butterfly keyboard and LOVED it. Second, my eyes were drawn to the exact same peacoat. I have some wool I want to make up into a peacoat this season. Especially since it appears I gave my old one to my mom in April. Third, love the gun photo. Fourth, love the scruffy deliciousness next to you. Is that too much to say on a blog? You can edit me if you need to.

Oh! Hemmed my red trench last night. Going to take to ATL with me on Thursday and hopefully photograph tomorrow!

Caroline said...

"Scruffy deliciousness!" that is the funniest... I was asking some serious questions about What the Beard Means. He is usually more groomed