Tuesday, October 11, 2011

November Burda

I've been on the fence about Burda recently (like many of you...) I rarely like their summer issues; they are too heavy with simple, repetitive shapes.  The last few years of fall / winter have lacked the sense of "cutting edge" that 2005 - 2008 seemed to have.  In fact I am currently considering a COMPLETELY INSANE 1600 mile round trip drive that basically boils down to pattern-magazine-seperation-anxiety.  I have nightmares that my impossible to replace Burda WOF collection might be getting mildew, or burning down, or just plain missing me.

Having said that, the November issue looks great; this dress could have been right out of the "glory years," love it's modern take on Mad Men style:

There's also a somewhat confusing party dress section.  The shapes are great, but the model is certainly "plus" by Burda standards...

Yet their party section is generally standard size.
There is also a cute little peacoat and some great jackets...

My other reason for not keeping my subscription going year-round is simple fiscal prudence.  My agent is having a hell-of-a time selling my current book proposal; something that would have sold in one phone call a few years ago.  Suddenly I'm realizing that I may not be getting another check for a long, long while.  So BurdaStyle is falling down and down the list of priorities.
Any thoughts?


Micka said...

I resigned my Burda subscription as well. Burda has gone down since that anorectic Dagmar editor has taken the wheel. My strategy is to check each issue and if there are at least two patterns I will surely use, I buy it. If not, I don't.
Good luck!

cidell said...

Oh, nervous. I know my subscription is up for renewal.... I'm keeping it. And, I've been happy with the last two issues.