Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bombshell Dress in action

A few construction shots... you can see the cotton batting bra cups, the twill tape before it was sewn down, the inner corset, and the final corset attached to a black lining (added primarily to make this dress work as a fall piece with tights).  It worked fantastically well, and oddly enough did not feel that labor intensive.  

 The dress in action, in Las Vegas.

And after a week of glamour and high living it's back to Jackson, WY.


A.J.A. said...

This is a great fit! The dress looks wonderful on you- now you have got me thinking about taking Gertie's class.
Lovely job!

Valerie said...

I just found your blog. Your dress looks great, love the colours.

poppykettle said...

I love seeing people's versions of the bombshell dress - your's really suits your figure (which is lovely) and I just adore the print you chose. I'm rather liking the two-tone monochromatic lining as well. Gorgeous!