Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winter Coat; Day One

The top two pictures are view from the Jackson Lake Lodge.  The Lodge is a classic old American Touring Hotel, and straddles the line between The Shining chic, and badly-dressed-retirees depressing.  I kind of love it, though I wish the guests would refrain from putting there flip-flopped feet up on the coffee tables and picking their toes.

The colors are sublime, more so than from any other location in the Grand Tetons, slightly muted and gentler, I'm not sure why, but perhaps it has something to do with the mist coming off of the lake.  The day I was there, the Lodge was hosting a huge astronomy convention, and the place was teeming with high-brain-wattage folks from around the world.  I am utterly deeply jealous of people with that level of brainpower.  It seems like the kind of club I'd like to join.  But I'm pretty sure they wouldn't take me...

After I was finished ogling the mountains, headed back to Jackson's trusty Stitch 'n' Time and found that they stock hair canvas... and some great sew in interfacing for my coat... no lambswool interlining, but I would have been stunned if they had that.  I bought some cotton flannel instead, in colors that mimic the Teton view, and decided to go with that.

Let the coat begin!

And the actual coating fabric, from Mood LA...

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cidell said...

I need to figure out if I'm really going to get another coat made or not this year. Last year it was during Christmas. But, right now I'm planning on traveling to Dallas for the holidays.

I would love a chic white / cream coat.