Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bombshell Dress

I don't know what to do about the coat for now - raglan sleeves are a "no."  So instead I am proceeding with a very useful garment for a WY winter; a strapless bombshell cocktail dress.  The pattern is from Burda WOF from March of 2010.  Interesting fact:  I originally traced this pattern to sew up for my rehearsal dinner.  Those of you who know me know how that one turned out!

 The front of the muslin looks good I think!  Interesting Fact #2; at least two people have said they love this dress sewn up in this fabric, which was a thrift store find / gift from a very dear friend.  What do you think?
 The back is the usual hot mess.  I've taken a wedge out of the skirt center back and bodice center back waist seam.  I've also lengthened the darts, which seems to help with my figure.  We'll see if that worked as an improvement.
 I'm using Gertie's Bombshell Techniques.  Here's the muslin interlining threadtraced to the bodice.
 And the Bodice!  Interesting fact #3: this fabric was purchased by the afore-mentioned ex-fiancee.  What do you think?  Crazy busy, or 'got some potential?'
Stay Tuned.


cidell said...

I would like to do this one again in denim. And, a FBA. Looks good! and, I like the print. Is the fabric the same one you had planned for the dinner?

Also, I'll email you for you address for the coat pattern. I owe you a longer email. But, have been out a lot this week in DC.

Caroline said...

Thanks! Where you lead, I follow, sewing-wise!

Caroline said...

no, not the same fabric! Actually, he gave this fabric to me this summer, so it's all very laden with symbolism re: our relationship.