Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you kind people of the Interwebs

One thing I've noticed about North-West Wyoming - no place to buy quality dress-making notions, fashion fabric, patterns or anything sewing related.  There is one cute and friendly quilt store that I discovered AFTER I hit up my good friend in Baltimore (Thanks Cidell, your vegan cookbook will be on it's way when it is published ) for some zips and bits.  But they don't have much beyond quilting fabric, and some very dodgy zips that make a creaky-plasticy sound that suggests they won't last long.

I haven't had much time for sewing, but I did make another procrastination dress - it's the same pattern as the Star Trek Night Nurse dress, but sewn up in Black eyelet.  The crappy zip will probably be replaced by one of Renee's superior zips at some point.  I'm going to go car camping next week, and will do a fun photo shoot then (Grizzlies a plus), but till then here's a preview.  I love it, tho it serves almost no purpose in my new Wild West life.  I was going for that Jackie O in India look, and aside from the color (did she ever wear black?) think I nailed it.


cidell said...

You're most welcome. I have an obscene amount of zippers. Just let me know :)

A said...

wow gorgeous dress. you look great :-)