Sunday, May 29, 2011

90s Vogue

Mid-90s fashion looks so good right now, if I wasn't wearing old cords and mud boots (because it just snowed another 5" here in Wyoming!) I'd be totally wearing this:

I love that grown-up before out time dress and the kitten heels.  It takes me back to actually being that age in that era, and thinking if I could simply pull off that look then everything else; the life, the career, the relationship would somehow fall into place.  Of course it took another fifteen years before everything (or anything really) started to make sense.  I kept my 1990 - 1995 US Vogues for years, until my Dad make the executive decision to throw them away.  Bah.

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cidell said...

*snowing*? That, depresses me. Whenever I hear Wyoming I think of Little House on the Prairie.