Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thrift Store Score

A few days ago I was in our local Sally Ann when I noticed that the usually kind-of-crap sewing section was stuffed with vintage patterns, and a rolling cabinet of notions and accessories.  A beautifully maintained Nelco (mid-50s) or so was sitting on the floor.  I quickly realized that a local seamstress must have bitten the dust.  Her patterns dated from 1958 (the same birth year as my ex, which gives me an odd pang still) and were carefully itemized.  Each had a sticky note (for the newer patterns) or a note attached with a pin (the older ones) noting missing pieces.  Given by the very random assortment of sizes and styles I'm guessing she was the seamstress for her family, whipping up dolly-girl frocks for a young teenager, or more sedate knit suits for herself.

I bowed my head for a moment in memory of a fallen soldier.

I bought the notions, and am kicking myself for not buying the machine... oh well.

Can I get away with this one? I love the black mini-version of this dress.  It looks like something that Courtney Love would wear in a wildly inappropriate fashion, now.  I can see her getting drunk and stumbling over Michael Musto in this.  And she's 45... though I suppose comparing myself to CL isn't actually a good thing.  I love the ruffles and the pork-pie neck.  She looks like the cunning daughter of a naive Mom... 'don't worry, all the other kids dress like this, promise.'  It's very Virgin Suicides.  Except black of course.  I wonder who a sweet lady in Santa Fe sewed this for.

 Way too small for me, but love the pocket detail, and the wrap 'n' sash on top right.
 Umm-hmm.  Prissy Secretary up to no good is a favorite look.  I've checked and all the necessary pieces for the look on the far-right are included.  Yes!
 Mod secretary on the make.  This looks like something my Mum would have sewn in the 60s, on her way to her desk job in Philly (I'm not sure why a nice English girl made a detour to Philly.  Her final destination was the Bahamas).

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Allie said...

What a great find! I wish I could find patterns at the thrift stores I frequent, but have never had any luck :/ I hope you enjoy all them!