Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sea of Shoes

I never used to understand the vitriol that Sea of Shoes inspires in certain parts of the blog world, but now I'm starting to get it.  I really, really hope this young girl is getting a sound education, and being exposed to bigger ideas than over-consumption of unnecessary objects, and the pursuit of image and external beauty.


Dressing up, creating a look, exploring the ways in which you can present a visual and aesthetic story to the world - is FUN! And we all do it, but there has to be a balance between that and the more-meaningful realities of life. There is something insanely depressing about the thousands and thousands of dollars of shoes that are purchased or gifted so casually. I hope she has a rich and deep inner life that is not documented in the blog.

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jane* said...

For the record, I feel a healthy disconnect from my blog.
Now that I'm out of regular highschool I'm getting the best education I could ask, and not just career wise. I've learned more about roman history in the past two months than I did in my entire education...self education has been very empowering for me!
Thank you for your concern and kind words though. Keep on blogging. May your inner life and self education be rich.