Monday, December 06, 2010

Fleetwood Mac

My new old machine is getting it's first test drive repairing my Groovy Mod Mini.  The Groovy Mod Mini is made out of vintage fabric sourced from ebay... I'm not sure what it is, it's clearly a man-made fiber, but it's quite soft and pleasant to the touch. I made it for a meeting with Trina Turk, when I was trying to persuade her to let me write her book... but I'm not sure if she was impressed or not.  I saw her eyeing it up and down, but no actual comment.  You be the judge of what that means! Maybe it felt like I was trying to hard.  The pattern is from Burda WOF, but I'll have to dig around to remember what month / style.

I subsequently wore this to a Hollywood Hills party, where a designer for Max Azaria told me, "big flowers are in," and I got kind of drunk.  When I got home I ripped the zipper tab off, and end up having to pull the dress apart to get it off... alcohol!


Jane said...

oo more info on machine please?

Tigerlounge said...

It's a mysterious off-brand Made in Japan machine from the 50s, called a Fleetwood. Don't really know anything about it. I bought it from a scary grifter here in Santa Fe, and got it tuned up. It has a really pretty little table that it folds out of, and I'm quite fond of it!