Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amazonian Night Nurses of The Third Reich

I'm a pretty tall woman - almost 5'9", and this is a mid-60s pattern, but it's practically down to my knees! I can only imagine how disappointed the swinging teens of '65 would have been if they made this up without muslining it first.  Cut as directed it has a distinctly stern Matron vibe about it.  I feel like I need to chastize a candystriper and steal a nip from the flask hidden in the potted ponsietta.  However. I think there is hope. Shortened (pictured), it's getting closer to cute.  The back is too broad, but I think I can take care of that by taking in the center back seam allowance.  The bust darts will be lowered a tad, and the side seams taken in to.

What I really love about this pattern is the unusual bodice piecing, that will make the top stitching really fun.  There's a cute little back belt too...

Any fitting tips welcome... especially around the shoulders and the armholes...

I've always wanted to dress a la Andrea Zittell, in a daily uniform of dresses that only marginally differ from each other... maybe this will be it! 

I also managed to FINALLY finish my Bubble sweater from Norah Gaughn's Nature Knits... I'm not in love with it, the work is pretty careless, but it's been at least 4 years from start to finish.  I misplaced it about 6 moves ago, and it finally resurfaced when I was unpacking in Santa Fe.  It has a majorly Molly Ringwald vibe to it, but at least it's (almost) done.  Just needs some finishing and some ignoring of weird seaming and lumpy bits.

And my Bubble sweater success inspired me to fish out my Wendy Bernard' Essential Stripe, which languished due to a f****-*p that required a lot of ripping / cursing / tears to rectify.  Its' cute though...

It's cold and dark outside my little adobe house. Thank god for electricity and hot water!

I'm off to sign up for Hulu Plus, so I can spend this Saturday night in bed, watching Law and Order!


Sherry said...

I found the same thing with a 60's dress - illustrated as a mini, but it came below the knee on me and I'm 5'6". I was short of fabric too and could have done with the 4" I chopped off the hem!
The dress looks promising - from the pics maybe you might need to do what I do end up doing to commercial patterns, that is narrow and shorten the back bodice - what do you think?

Caroline said...

I think you are right - I am normally a sway back adjustment person, but this dress is different, the excess fabric hangs down, not across, I love your blog and your sewing, thanks for stopping by!