Monday, June 16, 2008

Marc Jacobs meets Pan Am mini

As part of my on-going obsession with a) My Mom's early 70s, living the good life in the Bahamas wardrobe, AND airplane culture of the same groovy era...

The PAN-AM mini: I feel very mod in it, and just need the matching sugarscoop hat. Whatcha think?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I may be back...

The blogging inspiration pretty much withered and died for the last year or so... lots of vaguely bad stuff going on in life, love and work. It's been a slog to get back to a place where I want people IN my life, rather than safely locked outside of it. But maybe I'm there.


I was looking through one of my notebooks the other day. I've cut out and collages inspirational fashion for years... and it's kind of funny how little it all changes. These are pages from 2004 I believe, and they look exactly like my most current ones!

I think you can see that I love vintage dress shapes, and great fabric colors and patterns!