Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, it's been a while. Just haven't had a bunch to share, even though a lot has happened. In the last month I've:
*moved into my own apartment, the first time in 9 years I've lived by myself
*learnt to meditate, and seen an amazing improvement in my mental and emotional health
*started to take Wellbutrin, which has given me a real kick in the pants at work
*gone flying in a friends private plane, and realized that I really want to get my license
*gone riding in Topanga Canyon, and remembered how much I love it
*realized that cooking for one kind of sucks
*plotted to kidnap my dog
*done very little sewing, but slowly working through unfinished knitting projects
*thrown away my TV, and subscribed to the few shows I love (30 Rock, Dexter) through itunes
*read a bunch more
*gotten back into my yoga habit
*gone running for the first time this century
*gone to my meditation group Knowledge Meetings on Monday, and been impressed by how many people are being touched by the practice.

More soon!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Simplicity 3631

I am such an old fart. This new Simplicity pattern totally speaks to me. The whole thing is very Audrey Hepburn, chic, effortless, sophisticated. Exactly what I need to run the streets of LA in. If I didn't feel ancient before... I guess I must just give up and accept that I am about 40 years behind the times, and just go with it. The current (and apparantly last) issue of Sew Stylish is devoted to multiple incarnations of this pattern...

This weekend I move into my new apartment. It is in a very orthodox jewish neighborhood, which suits me fine. Plenty of businesses within walking distance, valet service at the corner market, and the lulling sounds of chanting on Friday at sunset...