Saturday, October 20, 2007

Executive Decision

The Marni dress is orange, brown and orange, with the same fabric at both top and bottom. Since my goal is to only use stash fabrics as much as I can, this seemed a good choice. I got some great advice on shade valuation though (see comments), and I'm going to keep that in mind as much as possible. I really like the way the colors look --- this will be just perfect for a Los Angeles Thanksgiving! I still need to buy some lining fabric, and get it finished, but this is more or less how it will look.

I never wear skirts this short, but I kind of like the length after all...

The other thing I'm doing is finishing old projects... next up is this double breasted, military style jacket from Burda 10/04. I got discouraged by my inneptitude at setting sleeves, but I really love the style, so I want to get it done for this winter. Balenciaga showed similar jackets in his Fall / Winter 07-08 show, so I dont think it's too, too out of style just yet.


LMH said...

That really worked, didn't it? It looks great! I like it A Lot. Better than the cover dress even.

I too worry about stuff going out of style before I can get it sewn up. (I really wanted a long redingote coat from the 9/06 BWOF; I'd also like to make a BWOF cape jacket, but it's gotten too cold to wear it, and I'm not sure I won't look an idiot in it next year)--there's just not enough time to make everything. It's become as if once a collection is shown, you're only good for a couple of months, if that. There's not so much of "it'll be in next year, not this" anymore. Which sucks.

Tiger Feet said...

thanks! I am happy with it too... I'll post some pics of it when it is done. I got side tracked by my halloween dress. I love your version of the Burda dress with tucks.. cant wait to see it finished!