Monday, September 17, 2007

Space Age "In the Mood for Love"

This is a really kick ass, spage-age, Choensang (I know I spelt that wrong). It has great tucked pleat details, an empire line, and a folded collar. My step-brother is getting married next weekend, and the rehearsal dinner is in a Chinese restaurant, so I thought it would be fun to wear something to get into the spirit of things... The pattern goes together super easily, and despite the apparant complexity of the design its one of the quicker dresses I've made from Burda. The only bad things is that the pleats on the back look a bit funny and poofy. I might have to finsh them properly for a sleeker look.

These pics are still from the fitting stage, so the collar isnt attached, and I had to hold it closed at the back, hence the funny post.... The pic on the floor is a better representation of how it will look when finished.

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cidell said...

Oh excellent. I have a muslin cut out for this now. Is that a dupioni you are using? It's beautiful!