Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forever 21, about two weeks from now...

I love the new Prada spring / summer 08 dresses. They are a hybrid of the Galaxy, and something a little more esoteric and exotic. The fabrics are fantasticly bold and rich, with a strong vintage feel. The contrasting piping is fun and youthful, and the large cut-out over the chest adds a shot of sex-appeal... the shoes are hideous, and badly fitting. If you look at the close-ups on you can see the leather over the toes painfully cutting into the model's flesh. The handbags look like super-deluxe versions of those patched-leather 1980's handbags you find in the Goodwill.

The funniest / saddest thing is that I can almost guarantee that these dresses will soon be in production in China, for sale to the cheapo stores like F21. (Just look at what happened to Christopher Kane... 'his' dresses are easy to find on ebay, and his entire collection was stolen a few days before his spring / summer show, presumably to 'inspire' the factory designers who re-create his work).

The rip-off frocks will be available for purchase months before the Pradas hit the market, and I wonder how they will affect the 'prestige' of buying actual Prada. The quality will probably be good enough to satisfy the masses, but the ubiquity of the neck design will probably cheaper the overall effect for more affluent consumers. I wonder if we will ever see a day where fashion designers start holding back some of their designs from the runway shows, to try and maintain some element of surprise and exclusivity for their high-end product?

After all, if anyone can have the 'Prada' look for 30 bucks, granted with lower quality, then what exactly is Prada selling?

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Lisa said...

Forever 21, made in China?
I thought that schlock was made right here in Los Angeles. Their sweatshops have been a repeated target of protests, their labor practices are rumored to be terrible... (how else can you sell a garment for $5?)... and hideously, all Forever 21 bags are adorned with the words "John 3:16" the phrase of the bible associated with born again Christians. So, let me get this straight: you can dress little girls up like whores, steal ideas from Italian fashion houses, exploit sweatshop workers... AND promote Christianity?
What would Jesus do? I don't think he'd be shopping at Forever 21... and I certainly never will either. I'd rather pay top dollar to a company that (hopefully) runs a clean ship (I haven't heard anything negative about Prada...yet!!!), than to a bunch of hypocritical Christians.
Evil motherfuckers, seriously.