Thursday, May 24, 2007

Project Finish-all-the-forgotten-sewing-projects-piled-up-and-covered-in-dust-bunnies-under-your-bed....

I started this dress over TWO YEARS AGO!!! Dear Lord. The pattern is from the Feb 2005 issue of Burda, which remains my all time favorite issue. It is packed with amazing, classic, yet still cool designs, and I've sewed up many of them. This issue would definately be pulled out of a house fire, along with my dog and my photo album.

The dress itself is a very, very streamlined Duro shape. Originally I didn't love that they'd sleeked it down so much, but now of
course the dress just looks like a nice, simple dress, rather than something that was completely in fashion, and is now potentially a little dated.

I threw this dress under the bed in disgust because I mis judged my cutting, and ended up with two back panels where the skirt motif (see how it is centered around the waistband) faced the wrong way. Yesterday I finally pieced together two new back panels from the scraps, and now it's not as pretty as the front, but it does 'work.'

Taking the dress with me to Miami, where I will beg my wonderful Phillipina aunt, Ana, to help me finish it.


christina said...

Wow, you should definitely finish that dress, I love the print.

I have been going through my old Burda magazines and discovering new things that I like, I'll have to pull out the Feb 05 issue next.

Tany said...

That's a gorgeous dress, please do finish it!