Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh Just Fuck Off...

Cracking open my Sunday Times today to read the nauseating---but can't miss----featured wedding in the "Vows" section. Oh barf. 42 year old film dude marries 'luminescent,' 'ravishing' society 26 year old. We're all 'luminescent' and 'ravishing' at that age moron! God, just give her a few more years till she grows up, and realized she married her Dad.

Try marrying someone your own age, idiot!

1 comment:

noho1960 said...


Ummm, I think I love you...

I've been reading your blogs and loving your rants and comments. (the water wasting fools just KILL me)
But THIS one is my favorite ever ever (ever)! Forced me to start a google account even.

Luminescent my butt.

Catch you at pinkberry someday.

Peace, noho1960